RundM – RM-F0010 – Kitchen LISSA, (8 modules, 310cm)


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    Modular Kitchen LISSA, produced in Kosova.

    Product no: RM-F0010

    Manufacturer: Doni furniture house.

    8 module kitchen consisting of:

    1. Module 1 (base cabinet for two part fridge, 1 free cabinet divided by a shelf);
    2. Module 2 (cabinet with 5 open shelfs);
    3. Module 3 (base cabinet with space for Owen and Micro-owen, and additional 2 cabinets divided by a shelf);
    4. Module 4 (base cabinet, with 3 drawers);
    5. Module 4 (base cabinet for dishwasher);
    6. Module 5 (Base cabinet, destined for the water supply);
    7. Module 6 (Wall cabinet with two doors);
    8. Module 6 (Wall cabinet with two doors).

    The total length of the kitchen 310cm;

    All mechanisms are produced by Blum. LISSA includes a fiber compact working plate.

    Dimensions: cm.




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